Living Design - Large Scale House Renovations Specialist in Cape Town and Langebaan

Weltevreden Avenue Rondebosch

After Renovation

  • Dining Area
    Dining Area
  • Family Bathroom
    Family Bathroom
  • Braai Room
    Braai Room
  • Front of House
    Front of House
  • Guest Suite
    Guest Suite
  • Guest Toilet
    Guest Toilet
  • Lounge
  • Main en Suite
    Main en Suite
  • Open Plan Kitchen
    Open Plan Kitchen
  • Open Plan
    Open Plan
  • Scullery
  • Staircase to Entrance
    Staircase to Entrance
  • Back of House
    Back of House
  • Family Room
    Family Room

Before Renovation

  • Yard
  • Sunroom before
  • Sunroom Inside Before
    Sunroom Inside
  • Side of House Before
    Side of House
  • Main en Suite Before
    Main en Suite
  • Lounge Before
  • Laundry Before
  • Kitchen Before
  • Garage & Laundry Before
    Garage & Laundry
  • Front of House Before
    Front of House
  • Dining Room Before
    Dining Room
  • Back of House Before
    Back of House

Wasn’t this home renovation spectacular?  If you wish to have your Rondebosch home renovated, give Living Design a call.  We will fully project manage your renovation from planning and design to finishing touches. We are experts in large scale renovations and look forward to any challenge that a house can throw at us!