Living Design - Large Scale House Renovations Specialist in Cape Town and Langebaan

Tierboskloof Estate Hout Bay


We wanted to redo our house in Hout Bay and we had no references or connections in the area. As you do these days we went on internet and found the site of Living Design. It looked amazing and we decided to contact Wendy. We immediately felt comfortable during the first meeting. Wendy came across as a very enthusiastic and professional person. We were very impressed by her whole approach.

As we do not live in South Africa it was important to us that we had someone to take care of all the details, ie council planning, contractors, architect, etc… And we had to have full trust in this person co-ordinating on site and being our eyes and ears. Our house is located in a secure estate with rules and regulations that had to be adhered to. This was not an easy task, but Wendy handled all this in a very professional and diplomatic way. We discussed all our ideas with Wendy and she also gave her thoughts and suggestions and the planning phase was started. Wendy showed us that our house had so much more potential and she came with ideas and visions,  we never even thought were possible.

Plans were drawn up and altered many times till the final result was achieved.

Then Covid-19 struck. During the whole renovation we couldn’t travel to SA. So the whole project was followed by us virtually which made Wendy’s job even more complicated. We were amazed how she dealt with this challenge. All the contractors she works with did a fantastic job They are all reliable and of a high standard. Wendy was the hub, co-ordinating all the different parties and worked out all the timing perfectly. Even the moving of our furniture and re-locating everything after completion was managed by her.

The house was stripped and went from – what we thought was – a nice house to an amazing home. With added space, pool, lovely garden, larger terrace. We are thrilled with the result and the way our home has turned out, thanks to Wendy and her team !

We highly recommend Living Design for a positive experience in renovation.

Jan-Willem and Mireille André de la Porte

After Renovation

  • Large Scale House Renovations - House renovations in Cape Town
    Front Entrance
  • Large Scale House Renovations - House renovations in Cape Town
  • View into House from Decking
    View into Hse from Decking
  • View from Entrance Hall
    View from Entrance Hall
  • Upstairs Bathroom
    Upstairs Bathroom
  • Street View
    Street View
  • Pool & Decking
    Pool & Decking
  • Patio
  • Open Plan Living
    Open Plan Living
  • New Staircase
    New Staircase
  • Main en suite
    Main en suite
  • Main Bedroom
    Main Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Living Area & New Stairs
    Living Area & New Stairs
  • Kitchen view to courtyard
    Kitchen view to courtyard
  • Guest Toilet
    Guest Toilet
  • Guest Bedroom
    Guest Bedroom
  • Guest Bathroom
    Guest Bathroom
  • Entrance
  • Driveway from Street
    Driveway from Street
  • Courtyard
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 3
    Bedroom 3

Before Renovation

  • Upstairs Bathroom
    Upstairs Bathroom
  • Staircase
  • South side verandah & fencing
    South side verandah & fencing
  • Main Bedroom
    Main Bedroom
  • Main Bedroom to en suite
    Main Bedroom to en suite
  • Lounge
  • Lounge & Dining
    Lounge & Dining
  • Kitchen & Scullery
    Kitchen & Scullery
  • Garages & Driveway
    Garages & Driveway
  • Front Patio
    Front Patio
  • Front Entrance
    Front Entrance
  • Entrance - Living Design
  • Driveway
  • Decking
  • Back Courtyard
    Back Courtyard
  • 3rd Bedroom
    3rd Bedroom
  • 2nd Bedroom
    2nd Bedroom