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Thorn Street Fernwood Newlands


After living in our house for approximately 8 years and doing small repairs during that time, some with really disappointing contractors I might add, we decided to take the plunge and do a major renovation. The architectural firm we hired let us down terribly and left us feeling hopeless. It was serendipitous that at this time Wendy Holmes entered our lives and we have not looked back.


It took us 2 years as we decided to do the house in stages but it was worth the wait. We love the larger kitchen, bright spacious living areas and general flow of the house. We are very grateful for her guidance, her team and her suppliers. The workmanship is great and the team very reliable.


A house is never complete and I think Wendy will still be part of our lives in the near future. Wendy always has her client’s best interests at heart and we highly recommend her for any major renovation.

After Visuals

  • Back of House
  • Family Bathroom
  • Family Room
  • Front of House
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Guest en Suite
  • Home Office
  • Kids Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Laoundry Cupboard Closed
  • Laundry Cupboard Open
  • Lounge & Dining
  • Main Bedroom
  • Main en Suite
  • New Entrance
  • Open plan kitchen
  • Pool Patio - Copy
  • Pool Patio
  • Stairwell to Pool
  • Study in Wide Passage

Before Visuals

  • Side View of Main Bedroom
  • Side now Stairwell
  • Patio
  • Patio & Pool
  • Passage to Bedrooms
  • Main Bedroom
  • Main Bedroom Gable Wall Facade
  • Kitchen
  • Front
  • Front Door
  • Family Bathroom
  • Entrance
  • Back of House