Trevor & Liz

13 Jun Trevor & Liz

When a person walks into your home – takes on the task of project management of the major refurbishment of the kitchen / dining room and completes the task within the appointed time and budget – you know that you have a “Professional Gem”

We have known Wendy Holmes for many years on a personal basis and have always admired her – for a host of reasons. When we decided to undertake some major alterations in our B&B whilst still having guests we knew that we could be in for a tough time.

In walked Wendy and simply told us that she would project manage the alterations.

Into the pot she threw some excellent ideas…..add to this a team of dedicated builders, plumbers, electricians, tillers……..meetings always bang on time, due consideration for our guests – AND the neighbours – stir gently and we now have improvements that have more than met our expectations.

She has an excellent team of Artisans who take pride and care in their profession.

A professional person who we have come to respect and admire.

Simply put Wendy is a “Duracell Bunny” that never lacks energy.

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