Sandra Bold

13 Jun Sandra Bold

I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to build or renovate. We spent 3 years interviewing architects, builders and designing ourselves. And there didn’t seem to be an affordable solution to fixing our strangely designed, old, face-brick home. No one, including ourselves could come up with a design that would work. When we met Wendy at the end of May, things moved forward very quickly. She came up with a design that for the first time in 3 years looked like it would work.
We have found working with Wendy a pleasure. She has added so much value to this process.(it seemed impossible without someone of her capability).
We found her building team very efficient
Wendy has good relationships with her suppliers, and has a unique ability of getting them to get things done effectively and efficiently.
Her commitment to producing the BEST outcome for us was very evident throughout this building process.
She is an open communicator, and responded quickly to all of our requests. She was also very supportive and helpful when we faced difficult decisions.
We found her to be very quick to respond to any challenges that came up.
Wendy said to us that the building would take 4 months, and we could hardly believe that this was possible, given that our house was to be mostly rebuilt. It is 4 months today and the house is complete, just with snagging, and a few lights to do.
Wendy has a lot of experience and exceptional vision for transforming homes. She saw a vision for our home after a 1st look , and held it throughout the building process. The outcome has been beyond our expectation.

When we started this process, we had an unliveable house that would be difficult to sell. We now have a beautiful home. This renovation has added huge value to our home in the short and long term, and we feel like that Wendy, with her vision and capability for managing a building process, has played a major role in making this possible for us.
Still wondering how she does this????

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