Roy Anderson

13 Jun Roy Anderson

Dear Wendy,

The dust (and life in general) having settled following the frenetic events during November and December 2009, when the major aspects of renovations to my house were done, I felt that now is an appropriate time for this letter.

As I explained when we first met, I had for years wanted to renovate my house and to make a few relatively minor alterations. While it was clear in my mind what I wished to achieve there were a few aspects of the reconfiguration which caused me problems – especially to achieve the desired objective in a cost efficient manner. In an attempt to find a solution I employed the services of an architect who had been recommended to me. He introduced me to a number of building contractors. Neither the architect nor the builders contributed anything at all which was of assistance in resolving the issue which was problematic. The frustration I experienced led me to enquire with friends who had carried out renovations and extensions from whom they had received assistance. On their enthusiastic recommendations I contacted you.

I was impressed by a number of facts. You immediately called to view the house and assess the scope of the work required. When I explained the major problem with which I had been grappling, without hesitation you said “why don’t you do it like this….?” which was the total solution. You produced a competitive quote and a time table to do the work in the short time remaining before the end of 2009. You undertook complete responsibility for the project. In addition you helped me choose bathroom and kitchen accessories, tiles, carpets and the like, even driving me to suppliers with which I was not familiar.

The time frame within which the original scope of the work was to be carried out was extremely short. For various reasons the scope of the work increased as the project proceeded. Despite this you succeeded in ensuring that the original completion date was achieved.

I should like to thank you whole-heartedly for the most efficient, friendly and cost efficient manner in which you managed the entire project. I will unreservedly recommend to anyone planning undertaking the daunting task of house renovations and extensions that they seek your assistance first.

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