13 Jun Hamann

In planning our renovation, I asked my friends and colleagues of building contractors they could personally recommend. Upon hearing a glowing reference of Wendy Holmes of Living Design, I contacted Wendy for a consultation.


My husband and I were both struck by Wendy’s enthusiasm and professionalism. Her ideas were grounded in practical sense and from the outset we knew she was the right person. This was confirmed by seeing the quality of work she had recently completed.


Building is stressful, thats a given. Yet, the situation is greatly ameliorated by having the right people on board. Wendy’s balanced approach and her team of highly qualified contractors were, and are greatly appreciated. The peace of mind of knowing that the renovation was done well is not quantifiable.


Wendy has exceptional people skills. Her way of relating to us as clients as well as to her contractors was in my eyes, ethical, fair and respectful. She was patient yet proactive and gave us sound, practical advice throughout as she  navigated us through some difficult moments and decisions.


Wendy is very hands-on and takes great care and pride in her work. The few niggles that have come up since completion of our project have been dealt with in a very responsive and constructive way.


Our home has undergone a complete transformation from being an average space to an exquisite space. Our thanks go to Wendy and her team for superior service and work (wo)manship!

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