Constance Road, Claremont

13 Jun Constance Road, Claremont

Wendy’s execution, professionalism and indepth knowledge were key to the success of renovating our characterful but dated home transforming it into a clean, more contemporary living space without losing any of the original charm.

Not put off by what many called the ugly duckling in the street our home’s transformation was down to Wendy’s brilliant and practical vision… turning unwanted spaces into ensuite bathrooms, taking down walls to double the space,  building in doors to create functionality and balance, putting in windows to create light and construct that seamless indoor/outdoor living that makes a modern and happy home with a valuable re-sale. All the time being mindful of budget and the owners wants and needs.

Wendy’s team of contractors are dedicated,experienced and thoroughly reliable.

Living Design is a truly professional service that encompasses every element of renovating a home… concept,  submission of plans, execution of the project,  time in assisting with all important fittings and interior/exterior choices, to back up and resolving snags that pop up after the project is completed….attention to detail ,transparency and friendly communication throughout is what made the project a success.

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