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Front of House

28 Aug Beginning a Large Scale Renovation

You've taken the plunge.  You are going to be beginning a large scale renovation.  So what do you need to do first? ________________________________ Source - EIEIhome.com  "4 Things You Must Do Before Beginning a Large Scale Renovation Published EIEI December 28, 2016 The recent increase in housing prices has shone...

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Front of House - Living Design

09 Jul Design for Large Scale Renovations

Taking on large scale renovations can be quite daunting!  This article can help make the process a little bit easier.  It's all in the planning! __________________________ Source - Renovationfind.com "THE IMPORTANCE OF DESIGN FOR LARGE SCALE RENOVATIONS Whether you’re building a custom home or doing a major renovation to...

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Guest Suite

25 Apr Accessible Interior Design

Our interiors should be accessible for all people - able and disabled.  Let's see how it can be done. _______________________ Top Tips for Accessible Interior Design November 6, 2018| Natasha Bolger | General Link - https://www.disabledliving.co.uk/blog/tips-for-accessible-interior-design/ This post has been written by Tabby Farrar. "Great interior design isn’t just about making...

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