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18 Jan Home Renovations Trends 2019

Joy Bender posted the following 15 Home Trends That Will Make You Want To Remodel (2019)
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“When it comes to remodeling and decorating your home, it’s always helpful to see what’s popular and trending. If you haven’t updated your home for a while, you’re in for a treat.

Technologies have improved so that there are more durable and great looking options for more affordable prices, and many innovations have allowed more smart technology breakthroughs with more convenience.

This trend report is based on what I see in the majority of higher end and luxury homes, as well as what’s trending on Pinterest and Houzz.

Some of these trends aren’t new…they have been growing in popularity for the last 5 to 10 years, and others are on the brink of rapid adaption. You will also see that many of the trends are synergistic with each other.

I’ve outlined 15 key design trends and decided to dig deep on the heart of the home…the kitchen.

1. Open Plan Floors
2. More Windows and More Lights
3. Master Bedroom Suites
4. Smart Home Innovations
5. Larger and More Gourmet Kitchens
6. Multi-generations and Universal Design
7. Higher Ceilings and More Interesting Ceiling Treatments
8. Farmhouse and Rustic Decor
9. Cool Colours
10.Deep Coloured Accent Walls
11.Intricate Patterns and Mosaics
12.Mudroom Additions
13.Home Office Remodeling
14.Hardwood Flooring
15.Clean Lines and Simplicity”

Home Renovations Trends 2019

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