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Client testimonial

“I had moved to Cape Town on my own, and was looking for a house to buy so that I could then also relocate my dogs and my cats to come live with me.

I had been taken to see a real ‘fixer upper’ in the area that I really wanted to live in, and boy was it in need of updating and some TLC. My first instinct was to walk out and never return. However the estate agent convinced me that it was worth looking at, as it was at an affordable price in a really good neighbourhood, and with a lick of paint and some TLC it could become my forever home for me and my pets.

I decided to get someone to come and evaluate the property for me who would be able to give me an idea about renovation and if this would be a good buy with potential, having never tackled anything like this before. I came across the Living Design website and read the referral letters which all seemed to glow with praise for the work done by Wendy and her team. This was just what I was looking for – somebody who I could trust and who would be able to guide me through the renovation, with me not having anyone else in Cape Town to depend on.

Wendy came with me to view the house at Budock Road Claremont and was immediately excited about the potential of the property. She gave me great advice on buying the property and I could already see her head spinning with ways to turn this ‘ugly duckling’ into the beauty it would one day become.

I bought the property and Living Design started work on the property immediately. Wendy had amazing ideas for the layout of the property, and I must admit that at first I wasn’t sure that her vision was the right way to go. However, after going through many options together I decided to trust her and we went ahead with what Wendy felt would be the best possible layout and use of space. I could not see it at the time, but I can honestly say now that she was absolutely right. She was also spot on with every other suggestion she made.

Wendy was very ‘hands on’, which was fantastic as I was under great time pressure at work. I felt relieved that I had Wendy to rely on to manage everything and to ensure we were on schedule and to the quality required. The time it took from start to finish was also very quick and the total renovation was done in 5 weeks!”

Living Design, owned by Wendy Holmes, is based in Cape Town. A small niche Architectural Design, Construction & Project Management Company, specializing in home renovations. Wendy’s passion lies in the transformation of houses from ordinary to spectacular, her main strength being her vision and ability to see potential in even the ugliest houses and to creatively convert them to suit her clients’ needs .


Front After Renovation


Main Bedroom After Renovation

Main Bedroom

Back After Renovation
Open Plan Living

Open Plan Living

Kitchen After Renovation


Guest Suite After Renovation

Guest Suite

Bedroom renovation

Main Bedroom

Bathroom after renovation
Main En Suite
Guest En Suite After Renovation

Guest En Suite

Driveway After Renovation



Front Before Renovation
Driveway Before Renovation


Lounge Before Renovation


Main Bedroom Before Renovation

Main Bedroom

Old bathroom before renovation
One Bathroom Only

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