Getting you House Ready For Renovations

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21 Aug Getting you House Ready For Renovations

You have plans to renovate your house. Everything is set to start but…… where are you going to cook while the kitchen is a mess? What are you going to do with the dogs? What if I need a little privacy and my house is full of workmen? There is a lot to think about!

The Reno Pros have a few tips for you! Take a look.

“Here are some tips for preparing for home remodelling:

Do research and familiarize yourself with the tasks that are involved in the project. Even if you are hiring somebody else to do the tasks, you should still watch how-to videos.

Take note of what kind of tools and supplies will be used. Read safety tips as well. When preparing for any project that requires any type of clean-up, keep a damp towel and paper towels readily available.

If you are planning remodeling a bedroom, you might need to prepare another place to sleep.

For highly complex projects, consult with renovators to find out if your house will be livable, or if you and your family should find another place to stay until the project is completed.

For projects involving solvents, paints, or products that are known to produce harmful fumes, make sure the workspace has proper ventilation.

Also, thoroughly clean the workplace beforehand. Take care of dusting and vacuuming so that dust and dirt won’t be stirred during the task. Running an air filtering system can be helpful as well.

Prepare a safe place for pets and children. Keep them as far away from the workplace as possible, and make sure they can’t wander into the area.

When it comes to kitchen remodelling, you might want to create a temporary kitchen somewhere else in the home with a mini-refrigerator, ideally near a water source. Keep the dishes in another sink or use disposable dishes and utensils. Find a place to keep the essentials, such as napkins, condiments, cloths, garbage bags, dishwater soaps, etc.

It’s essential that you and the renovation team maintain an open line of communication. Everybody should be on the same page at all times in order for the project to be a success. Know what they expect of you and vice versa.

There is always the possibility of unexpected expenses. Even if you have everything planned out perfectly, there still might be some cash concerns. Increasing costs cause anxiety. You can reduce the stress involved by having extra money on hand. Have 10% – 20% more than the estimated budget.

Establish traffic areas. There will be a lot of foot traffic both out and in your home. Workers will be walking around with tools and materials. Work with the renovation team to come up with a traffic plan and protect the flooring along that area with plastic covering. Also, keep any area(s) the workers may need access to, such as the basement and bathroom, cleared of clutter.”

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Enjoy your renovation!


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