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Kitchens really have become the most important part of a home. Its where we all go first thing in the morning, on arriving home and last thing at night. Families and friends gather around the kitchen most times and so I always try and find where this would best be suited in homes I have been asked to design a renovation.


It needs to be a room which everyone loves to be in and where good food is cooked. Here below are some amazing kitchens all of which clients love to be in. Kitchen renovation pictures.

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Living Design is a small Cape Town and Langebaan based company owned by Wendy Holmes, specializing in house renovations and the creation of beautiful homes, typically from old and ordinary houses. Whilst she also take on the building of new houses, Wendy’s passion lies in the transformation of houses from ordinary to spectacular, her main strength being her vision and ability to see potential in old buildings and to creatively convert them to suit her clients’ needs. She is also a very ‘hands on’ project manager thereby ensuring surprisingly short construction programmes but at the same time controlling quality and cost.


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