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09 Jul Design for Large Scale Renovations

Taking on large scale renovations can be quite daunting!  This article can help make the process a little bit easier.  It’s all in the planning!


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Whether you’re building a custom home or doing a major renovation to your current home, it can be tempting to skip out on some of the pre-construction planning. This can have disastrous results. Investing in a design plan, including detailed architectural drawings, can help you save time, money and stress. Crafted Edge Homes in Calgary shares more:

A design plan is like a road map for contractors.
Design and the construction phase of your project work hand in hand. The contractors working on your home will use every detail of your design to construct your space, ensuring that every complexity of your design plan is completed, in the right order and by following a schedule. Think of your design as a road map that the contractors are following. Without it, they might not arrive at the finished product you imagined and wanted. Find inspiration with these home design ideas.

A detailed design plan will ensure no details are missed, saving time and money.
Your design plan will be detailed. Not only will it have a detailed floor plan showing where every window, door and staircase will be, it will also include finer details like mouldings, how high any hooks on the wall might be hung, the size and shape of materials used and instructions on how to build in each stage. Working with Crafted Edge Homes to create the perfect architectural drawings and design plan will make sure that all of these details are worked out before hand.

The investment you make creating that design will help you save money during construction because the people working on your home in all the different stages, will have clear instructions and will be far more efficient.

Your design plan will be made to fit and stay within your budget.
Your designer will put together a budget during the design stage. They will price out everything that will be used in your project including materials, supplies, labour costs and finishing materials. If you were to make all these purchase decisions during the construction phase, you might end up spending a lot more money than you intended to. Your design plan will help you stay on budget.

Architectural drawings are required to obtain building permits.
Architectural drawings are also required to obtain certain development and building permits. If you are planning a major home addition, renovation or building a home you will need to have a professional draft up the drawings in order to be compliant with local building code.”


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