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30 Nov Christmas Flair for Your Home

Here are some great tips for decorating your home this Christmas season!

Paper Crafts

Fun, budget-friendly and for the whole family! From tree toppers to stars to decorations for the manelpiece, let your imagination fly!


Hang a wreath on your front door or above your fireplace to make a grand Christmas statement. For something special, add fairy lights.


For that feeling of warmth and welcome use jewel tones in your decorations – red, gree, gold and silver. Traditional and tremendous!

Go Natural

Find pinecones and tree branches to add a natural touch to your decoration. Tones of warm browns, russets and greens can be added using decorative balls, tinsel or draped fabrics.


If you are all about style you can match your decorations to your furniture – use the same colour palette as your room and enjoy a stylish and elegant Christmas.


Lights make any room look festive and glamorous. Use lights to drape over your mantelpiece or run along the window sills.


Keep your decorations to a minimal – too much can be,well, too much! A few statement pieces is all a room needs to set the mood for a merry Christmas.


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