September 28, 2017

Create a new look with trendy concrete tiles

  When using tiles in your home, you're no longer limited to run-of-the-mill factory-produced ceramic, porcelain or vinyl floor tiles. Concrete tile can be used just about anywhere, indoors or out, including on floors, walls, fireplace surrounds, pools and patios, shower enclosures, countertops, backsplashes and building façades. Concrete...

Front of House
September 20, 2017

Increase your home’s kerb appeal with a fresh coat of paint

Take a good, long look at the appearance of your house from the street. If you haven't painted in some time, chances are, the exterior is in need of repair and a coat or two of paint. While selecting a paint colour for the exterior is...

September 11, 2017

Neighbors Join Forces To Repair Older Woman’s Dilapidated House

A New Jersey woman has learned just how far community kindness can go. A few months back, Anne Glancey, a retired teacher, received a notice from city officials telling her she could be fined up to $3,000 for repairs that needed to be made to...

Main en suite
August 30, 2017

Bathroom Renovation Tips

The style of bathroom that you choose will depend not only on the size of the room you have to work with, but also on the colours, tones and themes that appeal to you personally. Generally speaking, there are six styles (we take a closer...

Back of House
August 21, 2017

10 Home Improvement Projects to Avoid

If you plan on moving in two to three years, don’t invest money in home improvement projects that won’t increase the resale value of your home. Some of these low-value home improvement projects include: 1. In-Ground Swimming Pools In-ground swimming pools cost $30,000-$75,000, depending on the type of...

Living Area to Braai Patio
August 14, 2017

Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas that Increase Home Value

7 Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas that Increase Home Value  By Heather Levin - Money Crashers Many home improvement projects don’t add value to your home, especially in a down market. In fact, some improvements can even detract from the asking price when you decide to sell....

June 28, 2017

Most Beautiful Beach Houses Across the World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beach Houses Across the World Presented on Designrulz With the summer comes the inevitable question – where should I go on holiday? The time has come for us to showcase top 10 Most Beautiful Beach Houses Across the World Presented on Designrulz....

June 20, 2017

​9 of the most beautiful houses in South Africa

South Africa is no novice when it comes to design and architecture. Those who take the time to scroll through homify will definitely be amazed at the amount (and quality) of designs completed by local geniuses. That is why we thought we’d single out a few...

June 13, 2017

Modern House Designs

Here are the Top 50 Modern House Designs according to Architecture Beast. Yup, this is the photo-list of top 50 modern house designs ever built. Some of those homes are seriously popular on the internet which is just another proof of how incredible they are and another...

May 30, 2017

Renovate or Walk Away?

When to walk away from renovations and find a better fixer-upper Renovations for profit are very popular right now, but if you don’t pick the right property, you can be in a whole heap of trouble. It always looks so easy on TV, but if you pick...