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04 Feb Repurposed Ideas

We are all trying to reduce, reuse and recycle. Here are some great ideas for doing this with old “junk” around the home.

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9 repurposed ideas for home décor
25 Jul 2013

Sometimes the most innocuous piece of junk can be transformed into a rustic décorpiece for a home.

Anything from old shutters and doors, to parquet flooring blocks, can be used in practical ways to create unique home décorand accent pieces.

1. Salvaged doors can become decorative panels for mounting bedside lamps. This is a great idea for those renting a home as you don’t need to mount electrical cord in/on the walls, simply hang them behind the doors.

2. Salvaged vintage window arches can be repurposed into a gilded console table. While it’s not easy to come across salvaged items like these, keep your eyes open and you may find something similar.

3. You could repurpose parquet flooring blocks to make a contemporary coffee table or use an old door and transform it into a storage coffee table by using wooden blocks as table legs.

4. Do you remember concrete breeze blocks? You can use them to make a wine rack. There are still plenty of old homes that have more than a few of these blocks lying around.

5. An old barn door can become a coffee table for a modern apartment. Old timber can easily be repurposed but be sure to check it for rot and bugs before you move it into your home.

6. Tree stumps can make eye-catching accent pieces for a home. Coffee and side tables are the most obvious choice for tree stumps and offcuts left over from tree felling, but use your imagination for other ways to use tree stumps.

7. If you have old chairs lying around, you can use a jigsaw to cut out an opening in the seat to use them for dog bowls. You can easily cut down the legs for smaller dogs. You can do the same thing to transform them into unique pot plant holders.

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